The Project

I designed a mobile app called MoodWatch Designs. It is a drawing app that lets users design wallpaper for their Apple Watch. The target audience for the app is tween girls.


Discovery & Research

Tweens and Crafting


I have a lot of experience working with tween girls. As an enthusiastic crafter, I always notice the ways in which kids personalize their things, particularly when they’ve made stuff themselves. It’s a great conversation starter; kids love to talk about stuff they’ve made. (Adults too.)

The new Apple Watch is very clean looking, but it’s not fun. When I was a kid, my friends and I all had cutesy watches. And today, Rainbow Looms and other DIY crafts are very popular. I started thinking how fun and engaging it would be to be able to personalize an Apple Watch.

I talked to some tweens and former tweens in order to further inform my thinking. Originally, I was thinking the app could be for teens, but as I was talking about it, I realized it would be more age-appropriate for tweens. And yes, the Apple Watch hasn't trickled down into the tween market yet, but it might in a few years.


Sketching & Ideation

Drawing and Sharing

User Flow Sketch

MoodWatch Designs is a drawing app that makes it easy to design wallpapers and switch them out on an Apple Watch as often as one wants. After finishing a design, users can 1) set it as their watch wallpaper, 2) save to their gallery to use later, or 3) send to a friend.

It's the tech version of making and swapping friendship bracelets.

From the beginning, I had a pretty vivid idea in mind, and I didn’t change it that much. The app is fairly simple, but I saw it as being very streamlined: more a vehicle for creativity than a bunch of functions. I want to encourage kids to draw their own designs, and not get too fancy with tech tools. Drawing everything out helped me solidify my ideas.



Bringing the Design to Life

I built a paper prototype of the app and used Marvel to bring it to life. Prototyping made me think about the navigation, specifically the back buttons and how to get back to the home screen. I thought the prototyping was a great way to go through all the steps of the process, and the Marvel app made the finished product look really snazzy. Try it out below!


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