Back to School

I recently made the decision to enroll in a User Experience Design Immersive course at General Assembly in DC. It’s an intense, 10-week full-time course. It’s a big commitment, and I’m very excited to get started.

General Assembly Logo

General Assembly offers classes in tech, design, and business skills. I took their Digital Marketing part-time course in New York last year. I learned a lot in the class, and I was also impressed by the company. In the current competitive economy, General Assembly is filling a strong need by teaching cutting edge, real-world job skills. The company has already expanded to 14 campuses since its start in 2011.

I just finished my first week of class. We’ve covered user research, user flows, paper sketching, storyboarding, and prototyping, as well as some coding basics. The class is very hands-on. I’ve already designed and prototyped my first app. I’m feeling very optimistic and excited about the course. I’m looking forward to learning a bunch of new skills and having new career opportunities opened up to me.

Sketches of User Flow